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In addition to our onsite implementation trainings, we also offer a variety of open enrollment trainings. Sign up for our E-News or follow us on Facebook to learn about future training opportunities.

Core Clinical Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Part I: September 14-18, 2015
Part II: October 2015 - February 2016 (12 weeks / 18 hours online)

Part III: April 14-15, 2016
Location: Rochester, MN

Instructors: Shari Manning, Ph.D. and Annie McCall, MA, LMHC

CEUs: 63.5 hours

5-Day Jump Start in Dialectical Behavior Therapy©
Dates: October 26-30, 2015
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Kate Comtois, Ph.D. and Karyn Hall, Ph.D.
CEUs: 28.75 hours
Early registration discount available until July 24, 2015.


Loving Someone With BPD: A Model of Emotion Regulation
Shari Manning, Ph.D.
Healing Hearts of Families of BPD Conference (2 hour video)

An Overview of Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Shari Manning, Ph.D. (1 hour video)


Welcome to the Treatment Implementation Collaborative (TIC). 

We offer full service consultation, training, and supervision in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and other Evidence Based Practices to mental health systems, agencies and individuals.   We support you from your first encounter with learning and providing Dialectical Behavior Therapy, through mid-level intensive training to establish a full program, all the way through to expert supervision (individuals) and preparation (teams and systems) for certification and accreditation. 

We believe in the inherent goodness and quality of people, we believe in hope, we believe anyone and any organization has the power within to transform their life and functioning for the better.  We believe in the process of science and the power of data.  We believe in the possibility of recovery, and in the strength of person centered planning.  We believe learning new skills is fundamental to changing behavior.  We believe in the power of family, advocacy and support.  We believe that the most effective way to bring about change is to go where others are, accept who they are, assess where they want to go and help them get there.  We believe in love, passion, positive reinforcement and old fashioned positive thinking.  We say all this because not everyone believes what we do. 

We started TIC to bring excellence, flexibility, responsiveness, understanding and support to the people and systems we most care about.  We passionately believe in what we do, how we do it and the fact that we can, all of us, in our own way, change the world for the better. 

We didn’t start TIC to be the best in the world, we started TIC to be the best for the world. 

Join us, let's make a difference.


To disseminate behaviorally oriented evidence based treatments and programs, across all ages, settings and levels of care utilizing the fundamentals of implementation science.

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