Open Forum with TIC: The PEERS® Program​

Andrew Fleming, Ph.D. and Helen Best, M.Ed.

An hour with Andrew Fleming, Ph.D., DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician™, and PEERS® certified provider, discussing ways to integrate evidence-based social skills into DBT treatment with teens and young adults. 

60 minutes

Recorded July 19, 2017

TIC Video Blog: Principles of Behaviorism Part I: Reinforcement

Shari Manning, Ph.D.
26 minutes (this one is audio only)

Recorded March 7, 2017

DBT Open Forum: Psychiatry in DBT

An Overview of DBT

Shari Manning, Ph.D.

Two 1.5 hour videos (3 hours total)

January/February 2016 

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Principles of Behaviorism Part I: Reinforcement
DBT Open Forum: The PEERS Program
TIC Video Blog: Principles of Behaviorism Part II
DBT Open Forum: Assessment and Treatment (DBT) of Youth with, or At-risk for, Bipolar Disorder
Open Forum with TIC: DBT in University/College Counseling Settings
Why are we hospitalizing people who are in DBT?

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