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"Transformative Dialogue on Race in the DBT Community"

Steps We Are Taking

Transformative Dialogue on Race in the DBT Community (June 2020)​

A discussion with LA County clinicians, Dr. Lisa Bolden and Dr. Lizbeth Gaona, led by Helen Best, M.Ed.

Thank you Dr. Bolden and Dr. Gaona who took the time to share the work they do in the Black and Latinx communities.  Many more of these conversations need to happen.  It is a start. 

Our Anti-Racism Statement

As an organization, one of our missions is to partner with systems, practices and individuals to bring about changes in the provision of mental health nationally and internationally.  We recognize that we are a part of the problem of systemic racism and the under-representation of people of  color in our trainers, our trainees and the clients we all serve. 

TIC is dedicating itself and its resources to use an anti-racist approach in all of our work and in our personal lives.  We know that people of color are disproportionately underrepresented in the mental health profession, under-represented as receivers of quality mental health services and over-represented in systems such as the criminal justice system. 

Our plan is to actively partner with constituents and providers of all colors and cultures and to increase access to mental health treatment while changing how systems approach the treatment of people with color. 

TIC is taking the following actions:

  1. We are recruiting clinicians of color to join TIC as trainers in implementation and delivery of services in DBT and other evidence based treatments. 
  2. We are establishing an anti-racism advisory board comprised of people of diverse cultures and color.  This board will examine all of our training formats and materials to identify and change any racist or unsensitive language. 
  3. We are hosting “open forums” to critically examine Dialectical Behavior Therapy and discuss how to ensure the treatment as well as our training of the treatment is anti-racist. 
  4. Donate to groups that are actively fighting systemic racism and poverty. 

Our plan goes beyond this moment in time but is the beginning of an era where TIC stands out as an organization that is not complicit or silent in the face of racism or any discriminatory practice.                ​

Black Lives Matter


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