We can begin work with you at any point in the implementation and/or training process.  We focus on consistency, persistence, and purposeful action.  We offer targeted support for the person, the program and the system.  We understand that teaching, learning and doing DBT is an iterative process requiring buy in and support from all stakeholders and that it requires clear and concise planning.  We work with the system, the program, the team, and the individual practitioner. 

We provide a wide array of DBT training options and focus on implementation as the primary link between science and practice. Implementation encompasses every aspect, every level, and every function of an organization. Implementing DBT is cultural, structural, strategic and purposeful; it is layered in daily practice, and demanding in execution. TIC will work with you and your organization to identify where you are, where you want to be and how to bridge the gap.  

Implementation of Dialectical Behavior Therapy: We provide focused support developing individualized programs all the way through the continuum of care in any setting.  We work to support executive and programmatic management goals and mandates, clinical, front line and direct care staff, case management, and outreach and prevention programs.  We come onsite to assess and set goals (clinical and administrative), meeting with administration, clinicians and in some cases clients in order to prepare a clear path for what comes next.  We work with everything from training all levels of staff to enhancing documentation and reporting.  We tailor training and consultation to meet the demands and constraints of each program and system using a combination of in person and on line training formats.

Basic Dialectical Behavior Therapy Training:  We provide a variety of trainings focusing on different aspects of DBT – orienting to the overall treatment, teaching and coaching DBT Skills, providing individual therapy in DBT, DBT case conceptualization, and running effective consultation teams in DBT.  We tailor to any constraints or requests to support goals and planning.  Training can range in length from one day to 6 days (2 x 3-Day trainings).    

Core Clinical Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy© (CCT):  Our Core Clinical Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy© is intensive training to support individuals and teams with learning how to do Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  These trainings are offered in open enrollment formats several times throughout the year.  It can also be offered onsite to specifically target your system and agency staff.  When working onsite with systems, it can be provided in a variety of formats to accommodate schedules, fiscal year, mandates, populations and setting type.

Advanced Teaching to Teams and Programs Administering Treatment:  We use case based teaching, video review, and assessment to strengthen clinical and programmatic skills.  We tailor advanced teaching to specific needs including, but not limited to, therapist burnout, secondary targets, dialectics, commitment, advanced level skills training, consultation team support, and the basics of behaviorism.

Advanced Case Based Consultation:  We provide support for teams with clinical and team challenges through on-going consultation or brief, case specific consultation.    

Team/Systems Assessment in Preparation for Certification and Accreditation:  We work with teams and systems all over the world as they plan and prepare for individual, skills and programmatic certification in Dialectical Behavior Therapy as offered by the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification. We have extensive experience working with individual clinicians as they prepare and proceed through DBT Certification.  Our goal is to move you through the process as quickly as possible and at your own speed.  We begin with an assessment of current practice by asking you to submit a case conceptualization of a DBT client, and if possible a video of a session with the same client.  We then work collaboratively with the clinician to formulate a plan for strengthening skills and content as needed.  We can work on an individual basis or with a team that has multiple members seeking certification.  If working with a team seeking certification, we work to combine effort and resources through group consultation and feedback.  

Expert Dialectical Behavior Therapy Supervision and Consultation:  We provide clinical and programmatic consultation and supervision for team development and/or to support preparation for DBT-Linehan Board of Certification.

Train-the-Trainer:  We work with clinicians and administrators to identify a plan for sustainability and develop internal experts. 

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