Erin Miga, Ph.D.  ::  Consultant & Trainer

Dr. Erin Miga is a supervising clinical psychologist at The Seattle Clinic, and a member of the clinical faculty of the University of Washington (UW). She completed her doctoral study in Clinical Psychology at the University of Virginia, internship in Adult, Child and Adolescent psychology at a division of Harvard Medical School, and a joint fellowship at UW and Behavioral Tech, the training organization founded by Dr. Linehan. Dr. Miga trained directly with DBT treatment developer, Marsha Linehan, PhD, as a post-doctoral fellow, and has lectured and supervised in DBT for the University of Washington (UW) since 2012. Following her fellowship, Dr. Miga went on to become Assistant Director of Dr. Linehan’s training clinic, helping to launch and oversee the Adolescent DBT program at UW. Dr. Miga has written articles on family conflict negotiation and book chapters relating to DBT efficacy and implementation.  Starting in 2018, she and her colleagues at The Seattle Clinic have launched a DBT practicum that trains UW and Seattle Pacific University doctoral students.  

Dr. Miga’s clinical specializations include DBT for teens and adults, Prolonged Exposure for PTSD, and couples work. She also enjoys helping parents and professionals develop mindfulness practices to reduce burn-out, anxiety and increase self-compassion. Dr. Miga is a Certified DBT Clinician by the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, and volunteers her time as a program site evaluator for the DBT Board of Certification and Accreditation.