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Comments from some of our customers ::

  • A great training! (5-Day Jump Start in DBT) I learned a ton. I have experience

          in DBT and have attended other DBT trainings. THIS training took all my DBT

          puzzle pieces and made them fit and make sense. 

  • I felt this information and training (5-Day Jump Start in DBT) has been a "missing" link to my previous training and practice. Thank you so much for making this learning experience energized and relevant. I will be using my new perspective in practice!

  • It has taken me a while to re-calibrate after attending a very memorable TIC training on Hilton Head Island with Annie McCall & Shari Manning. I wanted to share my thoughts about my experience. The training was well organized, beautifully staged at the Yacht Club of Hilton Head & full of everything I needed to know about DBT-PE; what it is, what it is not, how to know if a client is ready & how to get ready as the provider. It certainly lowered my weariness regarding moving clients into a fuller exposure experience. Annie & Shari make a striking & harmonious team; both are clearly experts in the field and have a way of delivering information in a way that leaves no stone unturned. They are a true inspiration; making sure that we understand how to keep to the principle & the protocols of DBT while drawing you into a learning environment that both nurtures & pushes you. They are genuine, deliberate and validating in their approach to teaching. It is always a pleasure to share space with them. I look forward to many more opportunities to sit with this dynamic duo! Last but certainly not least, I was lucky enough to meet both Helen & Cindy Best. They were at the helm of this training in terms of keeping everything going smooth. We never had a moments worry, even when there was a coffee conundrum, they cleared it up with grace & kindness (we really needed the coffee, believe me!). They are, by far, the wizards behind the curtain...making it all look easy!         - Wyneshia R. Hicks, LCSW-C, The Bethesda Group (Therapist/DBT Skills Group Leader) 

  • I wanted to send a thank you to TIC from the community of providers who participated in a training in Pittsburgh last week. Helen Best was super helpful with coordinating this event (which sold out a month before the event).  Her experience and collaborative planning for the needs of the community here were invaluable through the process. Shari Manning, PHD and Annie McCall, MA, LMHC were just fabulous!  They gave rich clinical examples, demonstrated irreverence and validation skillfully, and thoughtfully responded to questions from the audience.  It was really well received. I am grateful to have been a learner in the room and wanted to highlight this gem of an organization for anyone looking for quality DBT training and implementation help.           -Tiffany L. Painter, MSW, LCSW

  • I was particularly impressed with TIC's efforts to fully understand our institution, to create an implementation that ensures that we provide DBT in a valid and reliable way, but also takes into account the special circumstances and issues that are particular to our state hospital. TIC provides a unique and effective approach to training staff in DBT. Reviews from staff who attended the trainings were amongst the highest I have seen. My assessment of TIC is that they provided probably the best training and consultation service I have ever encountered. By every measure, they surpassed my greatest expectations. My greatest appreciation for TIC is for the impact they have had on our patients… we had tried to implement DBT for several years, but was able to do so effectively only after engaging the services of TIC. Individuals who constantly engaged in life threatening behaviors, are now earning discharges and increasing hope. Those who tried to kill themselves are now living safer and more productive lives.  

  • I have worked with Helen and Shari for many years on a wide variety of projects.  They know how to problem solve and creatively support the ultimate goal and mission of the task at hand.  I have watched them navigate extremely complex situations from a dialectical world view while maintaining a commitment to effectiveness.  After working with Helen on a number of implementation projects I felt she consistently provided clarity, knowledge, and expertise.  This is a fun and dedicated group of people. 

  • A few short words can't do justice to Shari's skills as a trainer, motivator, and all round supporter of quality mental health care.  Shari is compassionate, astute, warm, informed, very funny, and simply a brilliant communicator.  She has a rare gift for bringing complex ideas and practices vividly to life in a straight-talking manner.  Shari's extensive and committed experiences as both a trainer, therapist and manager allow for a rich, deeply humane and ultimately practical approach to training - an approach which gets results; Colleagues of mine trained by Shari are nothing short of fired-up by her training, which is translating into a freshly motivated attitude and immediate changes in clinical practice. 

  • This training (Core Clinical Training in DBT©) was head-and-shoulders more effective than the first intensive training I completed (with another training organization). Shari and Annie, you are both fantastic trainers and I look forward to continuing my professional development with you!

  • This training (Core Clinical Training in DBT©) was so great. This has by far been the best training experience I've ever had and I have learned so much about how to do DBT. I definitely recommend others getting supervision from an expert after going through the training as that has really helped me put what I've learned into practice.

Customer Comments  ::