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TIC (T.I.C.) brings excellence, flexibility, responsiveness, understanding and support to the people and systems we are working with. Within our group, we were among the first to bring DBT out of a research setting and into community mental health, inpatient units, and corrections.  We have worked with all levels of care across the full spectrum of services.  We have applied directly or worked with teams who have applied DBT to all populations including children and adolescents, clients with eating disorders, clients with substance use disorders, long term psychiatric patients including those with active psychosis, veterans, and the military.  We have worked with systems implementing DBT across the continuum of treat services from DBT in a Supermax correctional facility to DBT in schools (as treatment, prevention and education).  We have extensive clinical, research, implementation, training and consulting experience, a wide breadth of knowledge and some of the best of the best doing DBT. 

Within our ranks we have five DBT research therapists or supervisors on DBT RCT’s, the Chairperson of the Work Sample Committee on Linehan’s Board of Certification (DBT-LBC), seven DBT-Linehan Board Certified therapists, three DBT authors and the developer of DBT ACES. We are a group of innovators and trail blazers.  ​

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Our Mission Statement  ::
To disseminate behaviorally oriented

evidence based treatments and programs, across all ages, settings and levels of care utilizing the fundamentals of

implementation science.